What is birding

Birding, Twitching or Wildlife Photography


It’s the photography side of the wild where I capture nature in its peculiarities and splendour. I ask the question, ” would you value the opportunity to rid yourself of daily grind and get out there?”. As I read on another birders blog recently, a “birding” trip keeps his twins at bay (Anxiety and Depression).

I take my chances with new opportunities for excursions when they arise and thank the forbearance of family, especially Janet, and friends who kind of smirk a little when I try to explain the hobby. I guess others have similar experiences.

My biggest challenge is Australian birds because of the shear overwhelming size of the country and incredible diversity from region to region. I have collected a New Zealand set too and have  posted them  on this website, also found on Newzealandbirds.photos.

If you like, have a scroll through these. I have more to go and will add them as I go. I have lots more to go, challenging places to visit and not enough time or resource to do it all.

I love my Profession as a Surgical Specialist and love the teamwork that brings successful outcomes. Thats why my bushwhacking time is limited but with patience I will get there. The magic number in Australia is 700 species. I have over 500 and that’s where a little bit of the twitching thing (counting ) is starting to creep in, especially when talking to avid twitchers.

A friend, who is an outback ranger is so quiet and content to just sit and observe and is , to my mind, a bird whisperer. He is a true “birder“. However, I see that he has recently acquired a camera!

Please enjoy the photos and feel free to add constructive criticism.